Best Ways to Use the Internet for Job-Hunting?

Jarret writes:
Can you tell me the best way to use the Internet in terms of job-hunting?
I have not been having much luck in finding a new job and I am at a loss
for what I am doing wrong. I post my resume on a bunch of job sites and
I reply to job postings… so what am I doing wrong?

The Career Doctor responds:
There are now many ways to use the Internet to assist your job search
but I must state that you will be much more successful in your job search
if you use all the tools available to you not just those online… but for the
sake of your question let’s stick to Net sources.
In my mind there are two powerful ways to use the Internet in job-hunting.
The first and just a variation of an old favorite is networking online. As I have
stated many times before all studies show that networking — obtaining job
leads from people you know — is the most powerful tool of job-hunting.
And with more and more networking and community sites online there
are more ways to expand your networking. Sites like
and LinkedIn
offer many ways to connect with and expand your network.
The second is the thoughtful use of online job sites — but not the way you
have been doing it. The best job sites are not the big job boards but rather
company sites or niche sites. More and more employers are developing very
user-friendly career centers on their Websites — and if I had a specific list of
employers I wanted to work for this is where I would start. If I had a specific
industry or geographic location where I was searching for a job I would use
one or more of these targeted job sites.
And please don’t forget about the value of the Internet as a research tool for
your job-search. You can find information about companies organizations
and even the people interviewing you.
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