Best Way to Send Post-Interview Thank-You?

E. Willis writes:
When sending a thank-you letter is OK to e-mail fax or mail it out?
I have been e-mailing them out.

The Career Doctor responds:
You’re doing the most important thing — taking the time to follow-up and thank the interviewers for their time and consideration. Writing thank-you notes is such an easy thing to do and yet so few job-seekers actually do it. And at some level the delivery is not as important as the action itself.
Now what is the best method of sending a thank you letter? It totally depends on how you’ve been communicating with the employer before the interview and your sense of the corporate culture at the interview; however I favor email or regular mail over faxing.
Obviously if you have been emailing the company before the interview then you can send your thank you letter via email. But even if you did not communicate via email before the interview you can also send the thank you via email if you get the sense at the interview that email is an important communications tool at the company (and your interviewer provides you with her email address)
But I also get the sense that you are asking because maybe you haven’t been getting the responses you’ve wanted. So I need to ask whether you are taking the next step after emailing the thank you note — following up with a phone call or another email to see where the employer is in the hiring process. To get a better sense of this issue (and some more detailed advice) you should check out our article The Art of the Follow-Up After Job Interviews.
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