Best Responses to Common Interview Questions

Bill writes:
What would be your best answers to the interview questions below?

  1. Why did you quit your last job?
  2. May I contact your current employer?
  3. How long will you stay with us?


The Career Doctor responds:
Before I get to your questions let me state something I have mentioned previously in
this blog. Job-seekers must always view the job interview as a sales call. You are
a salesperson selling your unique mix of talents skills and accomplishments to a
prospective employer. The employer is doing a little selling as well but the burden
is on you to make yourself look like the best candidate for the position.
With that idea in mind here you go:

  1. It doesn’t really matter why you left your last job; you must answer the
    question positively keeping the focus on your accomplishments (but not whining
    about it) such as: “I had reached a point within my job where I had achieved both
    my and my employer’s goals and mastered all the skills for the position. And while
    I would have enjoyed staying with the company there was unfortunately no room for
    advancement with someone with my skills and abilities and they did not have the
    resources to create a new position.”
  2. It really depends on how you feel about it and whether your current employer
    knows your conducting a job search. One way: “While my employer will vouch for
    everything I’ve stated and accomplished the company does not know I am currently
    looking and I would rather wait until I have a firm offer to give proper notice rather than
    having a prospective employer do it for me. You are more than welcome of course to
    contact any of my references.”
  3. This question is often asked of job-seekers with a number of short job stints
    on their resumes. Of course no one ever knows how long s/he is going to stay on a
    job but the employer wants reassurance. You could say: “I plan on staying for as
    long as I can continue making a positive impact on the future growth of this organization
    while being compensated fairly and gaining increasing levels of responsibility and for as
    long as the organization wants me here.”

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