Best Major for Prospective Webmaster?

April writes:
If I was interested into going about being a website master or
assistant what would be the proper major of field to go in?

The Career Doctor responds:
You could certainly get the technical skills you need for such a job from a
community college or even some sort of certificate program but if you are
a regular reader of this blog you must know I am an advocate for
getting as much education as possible — when it’s possible — so I would
suggest you look into four-year colleges that offer a major in Web publishing
and e-commerce. These programs might be housed in one of several areas:
computer science digital arts or business.
I am an advocate for obtaining your bachelor’s degree not only for the intrinsic
value but because it is the minimum standard of many professional jobs and
as you advance in your career the lack of a bachelor’s degree could hold you
back from promotions and other advancements.
A Webmaster must have a large skill set from the technical skills of how to
create and manage Web pages to the softer skills of communications and interpersonal relationships. You’ll be part of a team from all parts of the
organization that helps develop and manage the organization’s Web presence.
And typically you’ll start as a member of that Web development team — as a
Web designer or developer.
Different organizations define Webmasters differently but basically a
Webmaster is responsible for managing the evolution and well-being of the
Web work as well as the more traditional HTML and other technical work.
In some organizations the Webmaster is a senior-level position — part of the
strategic team guiding the entire organization.
You can get started now by learning some of the basic skills possibly hosting
your own site and conducting informational interviews and shadowing
current Webmasters and Web developers.
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