In the Interview, Be Sure to Amp Up Your Interest in the Job

Ida writes:
I haven’t been having much success on interviews and I don’t know why. I
seem to do well but I never hear back from the companies. And just yesterday
at the end of yet another interview the interviewer actually told me not to expect
to hear back because I was not interested enough in the position to ask for it.
What did he mean?

The Career Doctor responds:
The good news is that your job-hunting strategy including your resume and cover letter is in good shape. The bad news is that your interviewing
style needs revamping.
To me there are four parts to a successful interview:
First research the company and type of interview style expected. The
more you can learn about the company and what to expect in the interview
the better prepared you will be — which should make you appear more relaxed
and confident. Don’t memorize your responses but do be prepared to showcase
your accomplishments.
Second the dress and non-verbals. First impressions are critical in interviews
and you must appear dressed to fit the part along with a warm smile firm
handshake and good eye contact. Posture is also important as is all your
body language. And remember that impressions also matter with receptionists
and support staff so always be polite and appreciative of everyone you come into contact.
Third the interview itself. You must be prepared with stories (answers) for all the
common interview questions — and you must have questions prepared for the interviewer.
You must also ALWAYS keep in mind that a job interview is a sales call where you
are doing your best to convince the employer you are the ONLY candidate for the job.
It’s this area where you definitely seem to be having problems. There is a fine line
at times but you must be aggressive in a job interview; being passive is often
(mis)interpreted as disinterest. Always close an interview asking about next steps –
and the timing of those next steps. And I recommend if the interview went extremely
well to even ask for the job. Read more in this article published on Quintessential Careers: Closing the Interview.
Fourth follow-up. Your job is not done as you walk out of the interview. You still need
to write a thank you note and you need to follow-up with the employer to show your
continued interest in the job. Again there is a line between not calling enough and
calling too often. Use your judgment. If you choose to not do these things again
the employer may decide you are no longer interested in the position.
And don’t forget that we have a vast number of interviewing resources in this section of Quintessential Careers:
Guide to Job Interviewing Resources


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