Assistance in Formulating Salary Requirement

Ralph writes:
I was hoping for some advice on determining a salary requirement for
a service center manager for a distribution center. The duties are:
Supervise two technicians a warehouse parts puller and administrative worker.
I have searched but still no answer. What do you recommend since I sent
the cover letter and resume and afterwards the request for a salary
requirement follows. They are asking me to do their dirty work right?
Can you recommend an appropriate website?

The Career Doctor responds:
Your instincts and efforts are right on target. To be more successful
in your job-search you must do the research required.
Job-seekers should always know their value in the workforce as well as the
value of any job you are seeking.
It’s most likely not that the employer does not know how much to pay the
service center manager — so you are not doing the research for the employer –
but rather the employer wants to use the salary requirement as a tool to screen job-seekers.
A request for a salary requirement usually means job-seekers end up in one of three
classifications: overpriced or overinflated in the ballpark and too low or inexperienced.
And you can guess where the employer goes to choose who they interview for the
So it’s your responsibility as the job-seeker to conduct the necessary research so that
you have a rough idea of the salary range of the position. Of course the best way to
get the information is to have a network contact on the inside of the company who
can get you the information. If you are not that lucky you should turn to industry salary studies and online resources such as
Once you’ve done the research you need to decide if this position is right for you — in terms
of career and salary progression. If so instead of giving a specific salary amount give a
range. For example if the average salary for this type of position is $35000 you might
suggest a salary range “in the thirties” or “the mid-thirties.” Of course you can go totally
around the subject by responding that you know the company will pay industry average
or better — and put the ball back into the employer’s hands… though this strategy is riskier
because of the sorting system I mentioned above — and the fourth category I didn’t
mention: job-seekers who did not respond specifically to a request for salary.
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