Assessments to Match Skills with Jobs

skillsAnonymous writes:
I’d like to find a job to suit my interests is there some kind of test you can do which matches your skills to your ideal job. If so where?

The Career Doctor responds:
There are all sorts of personality and career assessment tests – on and off the Web – and I encourage you to explore some of these options. Before you take any of the tests though I would like you to sit down and make a list of the things you feel are your strongest qualities – such as hard-working well-organized creative etc. Then I want you to think about the kinds of activities you enjoy doing the most – such as writing designing planning etc.

Once you have these two sets of information in front of you then go to Quintessential Careers: Career Assessment and take one or more of the assessment tools.

There are also non-Web-based tests and books on this subject which have the potential of giving you a lot more information about the results of your tests.

Take your time and learn as much about yourself as possible!
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