Assessment to Identify Transferable Skills?

Stephanie writes:
I am a career counselor for an IT training school. I am looking to find
some information on assessment tests for locating transferable skills.
Our students have already chosen a particular career path; therefore I
don’t need a “self-directed search” type of assessment. I am looking
for something more along the lines of identifying their transferable skills from past
work experience. Any information will be helpful.
The Career Doctor responds:
I don’t know of any assessment tests for locating transferable skills but I
can give you an outline that I give my students for identifying their transferable
skills. I think it’s fantastic that you are attempting to help your students be
better prepared for the job market. And once your students have identified
their transferable skills these skills become a key factor in their resume cover letter and interview strategies.
And since you know the career field you can also develop specific skill
sets for that particular industry which might include skill categories such
as technical adaptability multi-tasking etc. Have your students conduct
research of job postings for their career paths; it’s from these postings that
your students should develop their skills categories. My advice is to keep
the number of broad skills categories to three or four and then to have
detailed examples of the experiences with those skills within each category.
If you are advising your students to stick to chronological resumes they
can still use this skills information to rewrite how they describe their work
experiences… emphasizing these skills with keywords throughout their
resumes. They could also consider developing separate pages to enhance
their resumes — a document for transferable skills and for completed projects.
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