Assessment to Figure Out Career Direction

LeeAnne writes:
What can you recommend for my 35-year-old son in the way of testing to see where his likes/dislikes are? He has worked as a maintenance worker in apartment buildings but is looking for a more rewarding career and something that he can advance in. He has his GED and is certified in air conditioning but wants a job with better pay etc. I’m not sure but think he needs to be tested to find out what he really is suited for but need to know how he should go about or where to get that testing.

The Career Doctor responds:
Are you kidding? Assuming you are not and that this is a serious letter my real concern is not that your son is a little lost but that he still needs you to help him along. I guess you are trying to be a good mother and help him and I applaud you for that effort.

There are lots of tests — both online and offline — that your son can take to get a better feel for what he would like to do with the rest of his life or at least for this next part of his life. I have a list of the best of these online tests in this section of Quintessential Career:
Career Assessment Tools & Tests.

I would also look into a local community college or vocational school. I am sure they have some other tests and I am sure the academic advisers/career counselors can give him some good advice that hopefully will get him onto a career/job track that he really enjoys and can advance in.