Asking for the Position at the Interview

Jerry writes:
Please give me some insight into; “Asking for the position” immediately after or at the end of the interview.

The Career Doctor responds:
At the end of the interview assuming you feel it was a good interview and that it is a job you want with an employer that is a match with your values a job-seeker should ask for the job. There is really no harm in asking. It certainly reinforces your position as someone who not only is interested in the job but who feels is the best candidate for the position. The worst the employer can do really is tell you the company is still interviewing other candidates; and perhaps the interviewer will think you a bit overconfident.
How do you do it? Wait until the end of the interview as things are wrapping up. Then simply restate the key skills/education/experience that the employer is seeking and how you fit exactly with what the employer is looking for stress the overall fit between you and the organization (in terms of values culture etc.) and then simply state that you want the job offer.
One caveat: Be sure you really want the job before making such a bold request because if the employer then offers you the position they will expect you to accept it rather quickly — and perhaps on the spot.
What’s a less risky interview close if you are interested but not quite sure if the fit is perfect? Close the interview by telling the interviewer that you are interested in the job and asking about the next step in the process.
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