Are Career Counselors Worth Multi-thousands?

Dan writes:
I’m looking into career counselors and I was wondering where to find a list of these companies so I can compare their services before spending $5000 on one!

The Career Doctor responds:
Dan I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers here but I just cannot see spending the kind of money you are talking about for a career counselor unless they can guarantee me the exact job that I want in a company that I want — but then they would be more like an agent than a career counselor.
There are certainly key points in our lives where we may need the professional advice of a career counselor — when you’re contemplating a career change or when you’re lost
and facing a major career decision — but I can’t imagine what information could be possibly worth the money you’re talking about. Most career counselors work with you in
developing a job-hunting strategy polishing your job-search correspondence and building your interviewing skills and techniques — most of which you can do on your own.
A good place to start looking for career counselors is The National Board for Certified Counselors Inc. which certifies professionals as National Certified Career Counselors.
Finally spend some quality time at one of the major career sites such as mine Quintessential Careers or The Riley Guide. These sites can give you plenty of good advice and get you on your way assuming you are a self-directed individual.
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