Architecture Grad Student Wants to Make a Change

Anthony writes:
My girlfriend is a grad student in architecture but she is finding she doesn’t like it.
She is battling herself every day about what she wants to be. She is looking into
historical preservation. Any advice you might have would be appreciated thank you.

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m sorry your girlfriend is having problems. Unfortunately especially given the job market the last couple of years some students graduate college and go
immediately to grad school — to avoid the job market and avoid having to make
a decision about what they want to do in their careers. As with your girlfriend’s
situation this path can often lead to multiple problems.
Historical preservation is a growing career field — and involves many disciplines
including architecture but also history urban planning environmental design and geography.
According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation “Positions exist at all levels
of government in nonprofit organizations and with private firms. In the public sector the National Park Service state historic preservation offices and local government preservation divisions all work to preserve America’s heritage. Examples of nonprofits
include the National Trust statewide preservation organizations and hundreds of local groups. Private firms that provide preservation expertise include architects planners archaeologists and historical research firms.”
Besides national organizations there are also state and local organizations. If this
career truly interests her I suggest she immediately talk with her professors and
people from several of these preservation organizations to determine if continuing her
current path is the right choice for what she wants to do.
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about careers in historic preservation
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