Approaching Employer Who Previously Rejected Her

Erin writes:
I had a job interview and although didn’t receive the job the employer
expressed genuine interest in my candidacy. If the other person who
was selected didn’t work out she expressed that they would like me
to come in. Time has passed and I am looking for a job again. How would
I approach her after this much time? What kind of letter would be best?
Also I am looking for examples on letters to a potential employer from
a candidate on “How to get reconsidered for employment?” Do you know
if they exist anywhere?

The Career Doctor responds:
The ideal answer is that you should have stayed in touch with the employer.
So much success in job-hunting comes with building a network of contacts –
and these folks range from people who have known you for years to people
who have just met you. All job-seekers must find ways to build your networks
– and there are so many ways to do so. And even if you land the perfect job
you should not abandon your network; instead keep in touch with them on a
regular basis because you never know when you will wake up and face the
situation expressed by the first letter writer.
OK but you did not do that. How was it left? Did you write a thank-you to
the employer expressing your on-going interest? How much time has passed?
Do you even know the hiring manager still works there?
Let’s assume she still works at the company. Your goal should be to rekindle
the spark and then ask for her help in your current job-search. In other words
don’t limit yourself to working for her. Instead if she was not just being polite
but really had a connection with you — and you can rekindle that connection
– you can take advantage of HER network of contacts.
So your goal is to write a letter that gently reminds her of who you are updates
her on your career progress and requests her help on your current job-search.
Do not ask to be reconsidered for the job you interviewed for but instead
simply ask for her help and advice.
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