Approach for Finding New Job, Location

Kenn writes:
I would like to find a new career or even new location and would like to try and find someone online that can help me out in this endeavor. Do you have any idea of where I can find a person or site that may be of help??????

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m not sure whether you simply want a new job or whether you want to change careers — or whether you simply want to move. Perhaps you’re not even sure what you want.
May I suggest some critical career self-assessment exercises?
First to help you develop a clear picture of your work values and passions I recommend you use an assessment on Quintessential Careers: Workplace Values Assessment: Do You Know the Work Values You Most Want in a Job and an Employer — and Does Your Current Employment Reflect Those Values?
Second once you’ve identified your core workplace values I urge you to take the next step and develop a personal mission statement. Reading this article should help you accomplish the task: Using a Personal Mission Statement to Chart Your Career Course. The article also has links to various sample mission statements including my own.
Third take your self-assessment one step deeper and complete a SWOT analysis on yourself and your career. A SWOT analysis has you examine your job/career strengths and weaknesses while examining the potential opportunities and threats in various career choices. Read: Using a SWOT Analysis in Your Career Planning.
Fourth whether or not the first three steps helped you or not you could also consider using a professional career counselor — who can help you with some one-on-one advice and guidance. You can find a directory of career counselors by going to the Career Counselors Consortium. See also our own Quintessential Careers Directory of Life and Career Coaches.
Finally remember that Quintessential Careers has tutorials on job-hunting as well as articles on job search strategies career change relocating and long-distance job-search and much much more.


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