Apply Again to Employer That Rejected Her for Being Overqualified?

Barb writes:
I need some advice. I want to apply for a position at a place I had interviewed for
previously (a different position). The new posting reports to the same person I
interviewed with before. Should I call her to let her know I am interested in the
new posting? If so how do I approach it? What do I say? The letter I received
from her for the first position I interviewed for basically stated I was overqualified.
That was fine with me because I figured I was.

The Career Doctor responds:
You face an interesting but not as unusual situation as you might think
and there are a couple of key variables that will determine your fate with this
new position.
First you need to examine more closely your relationship with this hiring manager. How did you leave it when you were rejected from the last position?
Did you sense rapport with the manager when you interviewed? Did you send
a thank-you letter? Did you follow up the rejection letter
with any kind of communication?
Second is this new position closer to your level or will you again
be seen as overqualified? Do your research so you know where you stand.
It seems to me you will be wasting your time and the employer’s time if the
position is still too far below you.
Third what is your fascination with this company? Is it one of the few
employers in your town — or does it have some unique aspects that make it
a coveted place to work?
So take some time answering my questions and really evaluating the position
– and why you are interested in applying for it.
If you are a good fit for this new position if you really want to work for this
company and if you had/have a good relationship with this hiring manager
then of course it makes sense to apply for it.
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