Answering Some Basic Resume Questions

Neeraj writes:
I really liked the Quint Careers article Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes. I have a some questions.

  1. Are you sure a 35-year-old professional who graduated at the age of 22 should not include the date of graduation because it happened over 10 years ago? Won’t that raise a red flag?
  2. I have an MBA and 15 years experience — should I also stick to one page?
  3. I have a job description with 2.5 pages. How can I look like a match in one page?

The Career Doctor responds:

  1. I am less inclined to advise eliminating graduation date now than I was when the article was written. Since you are too young to be exposed to age discrimination anyway I would leave the date on.
  2. The pendulum swings back and forth on resume length and in the Twitter age we’re in a period of brevity. If you CAN stick to one page without sacrificing readability (e.g. having to make fonts and margins really small) do so but don’t worry about it if you need to go to 2 pages.
  3. Do you mean the job description of the job you’re applying for? If so go through the job description highlighting keywords. In your resume use the keywords that seem most prominent (for example those that are repeated multiple times) and that align with your qualifications and be sure to use those keywords liberally in your resume.
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