After Checkered Career, He’d Like to Get into Broadcasting

Jason writes:
I lost my lab-tech job (due to performance) over a year ago. I’ve tried jobs in a
few different fields without much success. This month a broadcaster’s
association will have an open job fair. I have some interest in broadcasting
but I didn’t think it was a legitimate career path out of high school so I got
a degree in the sciences instead. Ten years later I have no broadcasting
experience at all. There isn’t much else besides broadcasting I get interested in
and nowadays you need to show interest to experience any career success. I
will only have a few hours at the job fair and the recommendation is to bring your
resume. Would I be best off actively applying for jobs doing informational interviewing or using another approach? What questions should I be asking there?
The Career Doctor responds:
It’s not so much that you will not have career success without a passion for the work
but that at some point you will not be happy in your career — that’s why I try and preach
to my readers the value of finding a career that truly inspires and energizes you one that
you are passionate about.
If broadcasting is the one that does it for you then what you need to do is start developing
the plan and building the groundwork to break into the field. Before the job fair I suggest
conducting as much research as possible on the specific types of job(s) within broadcasting
that you seek. Understand the requirements necessary and make a plan to get the additional
training or experience you need to break into the field.
And I think the job fair will be an excellent start for you in building contacts for future
informational interviews — just do the research before you go to it. I think you will be most
successful if you mention at the beginning of each interview that you are looking at entry-level positions and that you are interested in conducting informational interviews at a later date to
learn as much as possible about the industry and the best ways with someone with your
background to break into the business.
You are also going to have a challenge in developing a broadcasting resume given that you have
10 years of experience in other areas — but the key here is identifying transferable skills that will
work in your future broadcasting career.
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