Address Absence from Workforce in Cover Letter

Kathy writes:
How do I address the following situation in a cover letter? I have 15 solid years of work experience in accounting/finance field the last 10 with the same company. I was successfully promoted to positions of increased responsibility; my last position as VP finance. Unfortunately while visiting family in the north during winter I slipped and fell on the ice. Due to injuries sustained from the fall I had to give up my position. I have spent the last 18 months working very hard to recuperate. I am now fully recovered and am ready to go back to the workforce. Do I address this in the cover letter? Any suggestions?

The Career Doctor responds:
Yes you probably should address this issue in your cover letter to explain the gap you must have on your resume. I would make the mention very brief and straightforward. Maybe something like:

Fully recovered from a serious injury that took me out of the workforce for a period I am eager to contribute to an organization like yours.

Make that the last sentence of your first paragraph.

If you were able to do anything productive during your recuperation (take a class volunteer do consulting) you can mention that too but it’s certainly understandable if you weren’t able to do anything like that.
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