A New Hire Usurped Most of Her Job While She Vacationed

Carol writes:
My boss is always trying to make me feel stupid by telling me that I don’t
understand things etc. He will tell me to do something and then when I
do it the way he told me he tells me I did it wrong. I was on vacation for
a week and when I came back I found out that they were hiring someone
else to do most of my job description. I want to send a letter to the board
of directors but not sure of what I need to say. Can you help?
The Career Doctor responds:
I get so many emails from folks with bad bosses that it makes me wonder
where they all come from… and it certainly makes the bad bosses from shows
like The Office or comic strips like Dilbert seem tame in comparison.
Only you can decide whether it’s worth the fight. The sad reality is that in
many cases even if you have well-documented evidence of abuse you will
get branded as someone who makes or has troubles — and depending on the
size of your industry or town that label could make it much harder for you to find new employment.
So my advice would be to start documenting everything including gathering information
from co-workers who have witnessed the abuse and consider action. Perhaps talk with
an attorney that specializes in labor laws. I would not talk with the folks in human resources nor would I make any comments about suing the company. Keep it quiet
and to yourself before — or if — you take any action.
Of course more importantly for your sanity and self-worth you should immediately
be searching for a new job with a new employer. Besides with the new hire I would
say the writing is on the wall concerning your future with the company. Start
searching today!
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