1,000 Resumes Sent Out — Still No Job

Derek writes:
I just recently graduated with a BS in computer information systems and a minor and business. I have been searching for a job for several months and have probably sent out close to a 1000 resumes; yet I’ve only had three interviews and none of these led to my hiring. Is it me or is everyone having this much trouble right now because of the market?

The Career Doctor responds:

There’s no question the job market is tighter these days especially in certain industries. But as one Fortune 500 CEO has commented “we’re hiring people right now even as we have one of the biggest layoffs in our history.” In other words if you have the right mix of skills experience and job-hunting expertise (and maybe a little luck) you should still be able to find a job in this economy.

So what’s your problem? I fear Derek that you have used the scattershot approach to getting a job. That is you have fired off your resume to hundreds and hundreds of employers without really having a plan or a precise target in mind. And a scattershot approach rarely works as you’ve noticed.

I don’t know about your experience but I can guarantee that your computer and business skills are in demand. What is it that you want to do? What kind of job are you looking for? What kind of company do you want to work for? Have you thought about a career path? Before you send out another resume please spend some time really thinking about these issues.

Let me suggest a few resources for you. First I think you should read a great article by Kathryn Lee Bazan: Research Your Next Job by Targeting Your Preferences and Ideal Companies.

Second I think you really need to spend some time developing a plan. And for that I recommend our Job Search 101 tutorial. It’s free – and full of lots of ideas for helping you map out your plan.

Third once you’re done with the first two resources and ready to target specific companies I recommend you go to our Guide to Researching Companies where you’ll find key resources for getting the specific information you need for your job search.

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