How to Negotiate a Raise

Negotiate Salary

Looking for a new job is nerve-wracking, but getting settled into one and successfully maneuvering through the HR department can be just as unnerving. During the later parts of the interview process, the hiring manager may bring up some other things, such as salary. 

There are a couple things to keep in mind when negotiating salary, according to the Metro Boston newspaper. While negotiations are a good, as they give job applicants the chance to negotiate benefits, vacation time and salary, it also is a tricky situation. 

However, it’s a tricky situation for everyone involved, writes Drew Hinshaw of Metro Boston. Hinshaw explains that job seekers should feel out what the company is willing to pay and place that number at the bottom of salary negotiations as a way to gain the most leverage.

Unfortunately, most people kind of wing it, said Ron Krannich, author of Dynamite Salary Negotiations,”You should really go in with an idea of whatsalary
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people just starting a career should expect wages near the 10th or 25th percentile, while those with more experience and education in the industry should expect wages around the 75th or 90th percentile.


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Salary Negotiations

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