How to Network Your Way to a Job Offer

How to Network Your Way to a Job Offer

Believe it or not, some of the best job openings in the world aren’t posted on the web or in newspapers. You can only find them through your professional network.


Networking is your way to get the inside track on a job, whether they’re advertised online or not at all. Your professional network can also be a valuable resource after you get the job as well, so do your best to build a strong community of supporters. 

1. Start with online networking using professional websites.

Social networks—like Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn—can open doors for your career. While you might think these sites are just “fads,” they’re here to stay. And employers are using them all the time.The great thing about initially making contact online is that professionals have very few reservations aboutreaching out to candidates through a website.As you get to know people online and engage in conversations with them about business topics, you can start to ask about expanding your online network to include people your contacts know. That is how a network grows and becomes valuable.

2. Give, don’t take.

Social networks are a good foundation for a professional network, but they can’t be a one-sided relationship. Comment on your connections’ statuses, endorse their skill sets, “like” their posts, and show your support. 

You can’t just constantly receive from your network (receive recommendations, interview invites, advice, etc.)—you need to also give something back. Once you’ve established yourself as a supporter, then you can reach out when you’re in need. Your network will be much more receptive and likely to have your back.

3. Get professional-looking business cards printed up.

When you meet your professional networking contacts in person, you want to provide them with your contact info. A classy way to do this is to invest in professional business cards. These cards should have your name, contact information, and job title printed on them.It’s much easier to network your way to a job offer when your professional contacts know who you are and what you do. Handing a professional a business card with your contact information on it makes you look like someone with a bright future.

4. Learn to network offline as well.

You can meet a lot of business professionals in your area by joining business groups, professional associations, and charitable organizations. You can also volunteer your time to help out local civic groups and meet a lot of influential business people.When you volunteer your time, try to keep your volunteer work in context with your profession. For example, an accountant could volunteer his time to a local church group, and handle the group’s accounting work. Volunteering this way helps the people in your professional network see your skills within your field.

5. Start working your network for that job offer.

Between youronline and offline networkingefforts, you’ve created an impressive web of business professionals who know you are and what you do best. Once the network is in place, it’s time to start networking your way to a great job offer.One thing you can do is put together a website that has your resume email information. This offers your contacts an easy way to distribute your qualifications to their own network, and it also makes it easier for people to get a hold of you when they’re interested in your services.The key to getting a job offer through networking is to stay in touch with your contacts regularly and let them know you’re on the hunt for a job. There will come a time when you feel confident enough in the strength of your network that you can be straightforward in your desire to find employment. With your network in place and your qualifications easily obtainable, your network should start producing job offers.

Use Your Contacts to Find the Ideal Job

Your professional network is a dynamic web of contacts that you can use to find your next job offer. If you need help with your resume, then check out LiveCareer’sresume writingservice and present your credentials in the best possible light.


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