How to Move Up the Retail Management Career Ladder

A new report has found that an overwhelming number of younger workers currently have jobs in the retail industry.According to the new study by PayScale, a company that collects compensation data, approximately 500,000 profiles submitted to the firm during the past year were from Millennials between the ages of 19 and 30 working as retail sales representatives or merchandise displayers, USA Today reports. However, the report also found that retail sales associate is listed as the fifth-worst-paid job at an average of 19,300 per year.

If you are interested in a career in the retail industry, there are a number of ways you can climb the career ladder to find a challenging, higher-paying job. – Move beyond salesWhile the PayScale report noted that many Millennials working in retail may have settled for a job in the industry because they we having a difficult time finding work in their career field, there are a number of positions in the sector that go beyond the sales floor. You may want to consider exploring your retail options by looking at what skills you will need to hone in order to find work as a manager, buyer, merchandiser, wholesaler or supply chain and logistics manager. – Consider degree optionsWhile most stores do not require that you have a degree to work as a sales representative, you most likely will need to add related postsecondary training to your resume in order to advance in the field. Many schools now offer associate’s programs in retail management that include courses in accounting, business communications and conflict resolution. A bachelor’s degree in economics is also a viable option for those looking in the financial end of the business.If you already have a degree, you may want to take an online aptitude test to determine if you have the relevant skills needed to transition into a retail management position. – Research retail management jobsA good way for you to determine what kind of jobs are available in the retail market other than sales clerk is to start researching job sites and other industry resources, which may also indicate where the skills gap is in the management sector of the business. You should also research specific companies to see what kind of advancement opportunities they offer their employees to consider whether you want to start out on the sales floor and work your way up to a higher-level position.Also, you should look at companies that are expanding their product line or appear to be on the road to recovery following the economic downturn. Retail giant Nordstrom, for example, will be opening a new multi-million dollar flagship store in Manhattan by 2018, a sign that the company is experiencing significant growth and will need many levels of new workers over the next several years across the U.S.Apple also recently announced it would be hiring more retail staff, despite earlier reports that it was cutting back employee hours to save money. – Build a retail management resumeIf you feel as if you already have many of the skills needed to work your way up the retail management ladder, now is a good time to tweak your resume to fit the industry.Whether you have worked in retail or not, you want to make sure your resume always includes relevant skills and industry keywords that will set you apart from other, less experienced applicants.In order to land a job in retail management, your resume must demonstrate your professional accomplishments and how they will help a business become a more successful operation.