Good Listeners Can Have High Satisfaction as Counselors

Working as a counselor is the perfect career for people who like a challenge and want to gain job satisfaction from helping others make life-shaping decisions.

A former career counselor at the Ross School of Business told the Monroe Street Journal the job offers variation and a great deal of responsibility.

This may seem like a tough challenge – and it is not an easy task – but the emotional rewards of working as a counselor are multiple.

A counselor who does their job well is likely to enjoy immediate and tangible results from their interaction with people and it is suggested the job comes with a certain feel-good factor to make the hard work worthwhile.
The job of a counselor is ideally suited to someone who is a good listener, sensitive to the needs of others, an effective manager of time and a bit of a diplomat.

You have to draw upon your knowledge, training, and experience to come up with what you think is the best advice, the former counselor said.

Apart from the self-knowledge needed to embark on a career in counseling, a four-year degree is usually the minimum academic qualification needed.

Once trained, there are many different areas in which an individual can specialize, such as mental health, rehabilitation and career counseling.

Median yearly earnings of clinical, counseling and school psychologists were $59,440 in May 2006, though this figure could vary considerably based on experience and location.

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