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Knowing how to write a resume is more than just common sense. Writing your professional resume can be a daunting task. Where can you go to learn how to write a resume? And how can you create a professional resume quickly in response to the changing job market? Fortunately, there are many websites that offer resume help. Unfortunately, with the variety of resume services available, it’s hard to find the resume service that best suits your needs.

What is a free resume test?

A free resume test is a tool that can help you figure out what your resume may be lacking. After answering a series of questions about your professional resume, a free resume test diagnoses your resume’s weaknesses as well as identifies its strengths. In a nutshell, it allows you to see how your professional resume measures up.

Which free resume test is right for you?

A free resume test is an essential tool for anyone who isn’t getting the results they want. However, many free resume tests have limitations. In some cases, you have to wait for a response after you’ve submitted your resume. If you are applying for jobs now, it may not be practical to wait for or schedule a time for your resume evaluation.

Other free resume tests use technology to parse your resume. In other words, a computer program scans your professional resume for things like typos or grammatical errors. While this can be valuable, such programs cannot pick up on more meaningful components of a winning professional resume.

Often free resume tests are just a way to up sell you to a paid service. While you may get superficial advice on your professional resume, it’s not likely that you will receive enough information so that you can improve your resume yourself. Instead these free resume tests main purpose is to get you to pay for their service. While a professional resume writing service is well worth the investment for many people, you may prefer to learn how to write your professional resume yourself for free.

What makes the LiveCareer free Resume Test unique?If you want to learn how to write a resume that gets results, consider taking the LiveCareer Free Resume Test. The LiveCareer Free Resume Test is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that will evaluate how your professional resume performs in key areas employers care about most.

The LiveCareer Free Resume Test Report gives you the tools you need to learn how to write a resume. You will instantly receive a personalized report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your current professional resume. Your 19-page Free Resume Test report will also give you detailed advice on how to write a resume or improve your resume to maximize its potential. It is the only Free Resume Test that gives you the power to transform your resume into a job-winning professional resume.

The LiveCareer Free Resume Test measures your resume in essential areas such as:

  • Basic Information: Whether your professional resume contains all of the essential data points and aspects that employers and hiring managers expect to see.
  • Language and Grammar: Whether your resume is free of typos, mixed tenses or grammatical errors.
  • Layout and Organization: How well your resume uses layout, font, length and style elements to your advantage.
  • Highlighting Accomplishments: How well you emphasize your most significant accomplishments in your resume.
  • Customization: How well your resume is tailored to fit the requirements of a specific job opportunity.

In just 10 seconds, a hiring manager will decide if you’re the person for the job—or not. If your professional resume does not make an impact in these first few seconds, you have missed the opportunity.

Take the LiveCareer Free Resume Test to find out if your professional resume passes the 10-second scan and instantly receive your personalized Resume Evaluation, absolutely FREE. With the LiveCareer Free Resume Test, you can improve your resume and increase your chances of getting interviews and landing your dream job.

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