For A Successful Career, Do What You Love

Do What You Love
A former lawyer in Arkansas is living proof that a successful career is usually more about doing what you love instead of just making money. 

This week, the Northwest Arkansas Times spoke with Dr. Stan Baker about his recent career change from attorney to animal acupuncturist. The Fayetteville, Arkansas resident has reportedly managed to combine his love for animals with his belief in acupuncture and other ancient healing techniques. 

The report notes that the Chinese have used acupuncture on horses and other animals as well as people for centuries and that this niche area is growing in the U.S., especially in states that have large racehorse populations. 

Baker reportedly took a six-month course in animal acupuncture as well as herbal remedies from one of only two such veterinary facilities in the country. 
So far, acupuncture is not one of the job titles reported on in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. However, the trend has generally been favorable in recent years for eastern medicine in the United States. 

Veterinary medicine in general is projected to be a very solid career choice as well. The BLS predicts that growth in this industry will jump by a much faster than average 35 percent margin in the coming years.

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