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  • aspire to greater earning power, job satisfaction or job security;
  • desire to pursue continuing education or online degree opportunities;
  • want to pinpoint your true career interest;
  • are a stay-at-home parent seeking advice on re-entering the workforce;
  • are an entrepreneur hoping to start a business, online business or franchise;
  • are a retiree who needs additional pay to meet everyday expenses;
  • are an interviewee who needs an updated resume; or
  • are a Ph.D. candidate or advanced degree professional desiring help writing a CV or curriculum vitae

Our tools will help you achieve your goal!

Career Aptitude Test

Our aptitude test will measure your natural talents and abilities, which is helpful if you are considering making a change or interested in discovering new opportunities.

Career Assessment Test

Our assessment test can help you take stock of where you are and help you evaluate whether a change might better match your interests and abilities.

Career Interest Test

Our interest test measures your interest in a wide assortment of jobs across all job categories, and also helps you find the best opportunities for your long-term goals.

College and University Search

This search tools is a quick and easy way to find college or university degree programs that are best suited to you and your needs.

Education Decision Test

Our education test helps you decide if a college degree or continuing education program is right for you and evaluates your possible reasons for going back to school.

Employment News

Get the latest job news covering a wide variety of employment sectors and employment-related advice, including job interview tips and writing a resume.

Start A Business Test

Our start a business test is for the entrepreneur who wants to know how to succeed in entrepreneurship, including franchise ownership.

Job Satisfaction Survey

Our job satisfaction survey draws on the science of happiness, known as Positive Psychology, to measure your contentment with your job and provides tools to achieve greater satisfaction in the workplace.

Resume Builder

Our resume builder is the easiest way to build an impressive resume. You can choose from hundreds of templates and designs for all jobs and industries. Our expert writing tips will help you get started.

Resume Guide

This tool will assess if your resume will pass a hiring manager’s 10-second scan based on its language, grammar, layout, organization, etc.

Salary Calculator/Report

Our salary calculator gives you up-to-date information on wages and salaries for more than 20,000 jobs and a free personalized report with valuable advice is included.

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