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Bremerton Jobs At A Glance

Bremerton At A Glance

With 39,056 residents, Bremerton, Washington, is the largest city on the Kitsap Peninsula on the western coast of the state. Only an hour from Seattle by ferry, Bremerton is convenient to all the best that Washington has to offer. Landmarks like the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Bremerton Annex of Naval Base Kitsap are located in Bremerton. Those looking for jobs in Bremerton will be pleased with the array of career opportunities in the area; for more on the economics of the region, typical earnings, resume building advice and more, read on.

Job Market in Bremerton

Job Market in Bremerton

With its booming local government and excellent location that offers land and sea access to many areas of coastal Washington, Bremerton is a great spot for avid job seekers. The unemployment rate in Bremerton is 5 percent, which is slightly below the national average of 5.3 percent. By far, the top performing occupation in Bremerton is the government sector, though it fell 1 percent between 2014-2015, followed by trade, transportation and utilities. Leisure and hospitality comes in third, and professional and business services ranks fourth. Mining, logging and construction jobs come in fifth amongst the major employing sectors in Bremerton. The top occupations in the Bremerton area are retail salespersons and cashiers. The average weekly wage for all workers in Bremerton is $951, which is not far off from the national average weekly wage of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Bremerton Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Bremerton  Jobseekers

Building a resume from scratch is a basic job search to-do if you don’t already have one, but updating and maintain your current one is equally as important. No matter where you are in your career, follow these tips for a winning resume.
1. Always keep in mind the five most important aspects of any resume: focus, appearance, keywords, transferrable skills and accomplishments.
2. Never choose anything but a light-colored, preferably white, paper for your resume. If you use heavier printing paper, your resume may be treated more seriously.
3. When positioning yourself for a career change, be sure the current skills in your resume are also applicable to the future job you’re hoping to land.
4. Know resume musts from resume maybes. Musts include name, contact information, education and experience. Maybes include affiliations, keyword summaries, accomplishments, headlines and certifications.
5. If your resume leaves gaps in your employment away or frames you as a job-hopper, be prepared to explain your situation to interviewers and fill in blank spots with self-employment or other projects.

How to Find Jobs in Bremerton

How to Find Jobs in Bremerton

Hunting for jobs in Bremerton is not complete without some knowledge of recruiting practices in the post-recession economy. Look below for valuable information that may help speed along your job search.
1. Getting your resume out there as much as possible has been made much easier in the digital age. Store it in LinkedIn, share it with industry appropriate hashtags on Twitter or post it on Facebook to circulate it within your social network.
2. It is still essential to network face-to-face, even in the internet era. Hiring managers who meet and converse with you are more likely to remember you favorably than those who have merely seen your virtual self.
3. It may be tempting to follow your first impulses and dive head-long into a job search, but you’ll be better prepared if you stop and create an action plan and schedule. Set goals along your job hunt path, such as attending three networking events, and reward yourself when you achieve them.
4. Be a detective. In this economy, your insight and confidence can help you discover hidden job opportunities that are available to you. Use conversational clues and sleuthing techniques to uncover the jobs that are out there but aren’t necessarily obvious.
5. Pitch yourself with honesty, candor and ambition to hiring managers. Sell yourself as an asset who can either help make their company increase profits or cut down spending.