Job Seekers Finding Increased Opportunities in Culinary Arts

By Barbara Mason

Culinary Arts Opportunities Increasing ImageDue to a growing demand for workers in the culinary arts and hospitality industries, the International Culinary Centers of New York and California recently hosted a bi-coastal career fair to help past and present students find jobs in the emerging field.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the culinary industry will add approximately 1.5 million jobs through 2014, even as the economy struggles to rebound from the recent downturn. More than 80 employers attended the bi-coastal career fair looking to recruit qualified workers including representatives from Dean & DeLuca, The Standard Hotel and Bacchus Management Group.

Professionals who have culinary or hospitality experience on their resumes can work across a number of other industries besides the restaurant and hotel sectors including management, food technology, food writing and business development.

The International Culinary Center offers a variety of courses at all levels including pastry arts, Italian studies, bread baking, culinary technology, restaurant management and wine studies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for chefs, head cooks and food preparation supervisors are expected to grow by 7% through the end of the decade.

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