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Is now the time for you to continue your education?

You may have asked yourself this question numerous times and at various stages of your career. With the current state of the economy, you may be wondering if getting a degree or going back to college is a smart move for you.

Pursuing additional education can put you in a better position once the economy rebounds, whether you’re looking for a job, want to make more money, or want to feel more secure in your current job.

Free Education Test

To help you decide if a college degree or continuing your education is right for you, the Testing Experts at LiveCareer have developed the new Free Education Test. This test measures 7 reasons for going back to college. Based on your responses to a short series of questions, your free 12-page personalized report will evaluate what going to school—to take college classes, earn a certificate, or complete a college degree program--can do for you.

What to expect from your Free Education Report

Your Free Education Report will:

  • Demonstrate how college education can help you satisfy your job needs
  • Show you how you can afford the time and money to earn your degree
  • Provide valuable financial aid and scholarship resources
  • Give information about flexible programs such as online colleges
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Find out what taking a course could do for you

Studies show that continuing your education can help you achieve many different career goals. Earning a degree, through an online university or on-campus college, can more than double your salary. Degree or certificate programs can also help you make a smooth career transition to a new job or industry. If your goals are to:

  • Gain the skills you need to get a job
  • Make more money
  • Change jobs or industries
  • Earn a promotion
  • Update your skills and secure your job

You should seriously consider enrolling in an online education program.

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